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Dental cleaning AirFlow®

We offer a professional dental cleaning treatment with AirFlow®, which provides comfort and effectiveness by removing tartar, plaque, and numerous surface stains

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patient during the dental cleaning with Airflow

What is dental cleaning with AirFlow®?

Oral cleaning eliminates bacterial plaque or oral biofilm that causes cavities and periodontitis. It is effective and affordable, and helps maintain gum health. If not removed daily with good dental hygiene, it can lead to problems and tooth loss. It uses pearlescent baking soda powder and advanced airflow technology for a deep and effective clean.

Complete dental cleaning with Airflow®

package price 

Recover the health and beauty of your smile!

Affordable price of only 65€ for a radiant smile.

Dental cleaning price iIncludes plaque and stain removal, polishing and oral care:

  • Airflow

  • Ultrasounds

  • Revision

  • Brushed

How should we carry out dental cleaning of our mouth?

  • For good oral hygiene, brush after each meal using proper technique. 

  • Use floss or dental floss and interproximal brushes to clean the spaces between the teeth. 

  • Clean your tongue with lingual scrapers. 

  • Use dental irrigators and mouthwashes recommended by your dentist. 

  • Also perform a deep dental cleaning in the clinic at least once a year to remove stains and tartar.

dientes limpios despued limpieza dental

Reasons for  a dental cleaning

  • Dental cleaning is highly effective in preventing the appearance of oral diseases such as cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as removing stains caused by external agents such as coffee, tea or tobacco.


  • Oral cleaning is a complete and comprehensive treatment that prepares your mouth for other dental treatments such asimplants, orthodontics or dental aesthetics, and helps you maintain good oral health.


  • With an annual dental cleaning, your mouth will be in optimal condition to obtain an exceptional result.

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How do we perform dental hygiene at SDS Dental Clinic in Vilafranca del Penedes?

  • Oral examination of the patient to evaluate daily dental hygiene, the presence of bleeding gums, bacterial plaque accumulation or cavities.

  • Removal of tartar above the gum with an ultrasonic instrument that breaks down the bond between tartar and the tooth and destroys bacterial cells and plaque bacteria.

  • Removal of tartar under the gum with periodontal curettes.

  • Dental polishing to prevent tartar from adhering to the teeth again and eliminate stains on the tooth surface.

  • Airflow technology uses a combination of air, water and baking soda powder to remove plaque and stains.

  • Application of fluoride using highly concentrated gels to strengthen teeth.

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