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Invisible aligners and classic braces

Healthy teeth, correct bite, and the smile of your dreams!

We offer a variety of treatments, from invisible orthodontics, ideal for those seeking a discreet and effective option, to metal or ceramic brackets, known for their durability and precision. Our team of experts is here to provide you with the best personalized care, using the most advanced techniques to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

Come and discover how we can transform your smile today!

Book a consultation and together we'll choose the right treatment.

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Invisalign- ortodoncia invisible

Meet our orthodontic specialists 

doctora Cristina Laguna, especialista ortodoncia y alineadores invisibles Invisalign

Dr. Cristina Laguna Franco

Dr. Cristina Laguna Franco is a dentist specialized in orthodontics (master) with more than 5 years of experience in different types of treatments: dental braces for children and dental braces for adults, from the classic metal or sapphire brackets to the latest technology through aligners. invisible. She is our Invisalign specialist.

doctora Alexandra Manescu, especialista en ortodoncia

Dr. Alexandra Manescu

Dr. Alexandra Manescu is a specialist in invisible and clasic orthodontics  with over 13 years of experience. 

She has been an expert in multiple type of treatments: from metalic brackets to invisible aligners.

She is our expert in ClearCorrect Strauman Invisible Aligners.

Book a free orthodontic
check-up in our clinic.

You are in good hands.

or call us at (+34) 676 34 49 59

  • Custom treatment that fits your problem and goal: from classic metallic/saphire/ceramic braces to state of the art invisible aligners. 

  •  More than 13 years of specialised orthodontic experience - you are in good hands.

  • Hand holding and full transparency and communication at each step of the treatment.

  • Possibility to finance your treatment with affordable plans.

Our treatments

All prices listed on the website are subject to change based on the accepted treatment plan.
Financing possibilities in affordable monthly instalments are possible.

call us at +34) 676 34 49 59

Usual orthodontic problems

  • Dental crowding

  • Tooth spacing

  • Deep bite (lower teeth touch the gum behind the upper teeth)

  • Highlighted upper teeth

  • Highlighted lower teeth

  • Different type of bite left/right

  • Teeth do not touch front or back

  • Pain or blockage when opening the mouth

  • Bruxism accompanied by tooth wear

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