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The child's first visit to the dentist at SDS Dental Clinic is quite an event!

Updated: Mar 26

In our clinic, where we value children enormously, we are filled with joy every time we receive children for the first time.

Children's first experiences at the dentist are crucial. If they are positive, cheerful and relaxed, the child will grow up with the conviction that dental care and interaction with the dentist are normal and beneficial things. On the other hand, if the first experiences are brutal or painful, the child will grow up fearing the dentist and will prefer to neglect their dentition, indefinitely postponing the solution to dental problems.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child's first visit to the dentist be around the first year. Although it may sound surprising, given that at this age the child still does not have many teeth, and in any case, parents have many responsibilities, we urge them to find time to do this. During this visit, they will receive advice on dental hygiene, nutrition and what to expect in the future. In addition, the foundations will be laid for future pleasant visits.

Even a very young child absorbs information from the environment like a sponge, and the sooner they bring it, the easier it will be to get used to it in the future.

If the child's first birthday has already passed, he has all his baby teeth and he has not yet taken him to the dentist, we recommend that you do not wait for problems to appear, because:

  • They can be prevented and avoided if you take it in time.

  • Once he's hurt, he'll be more scared and less cooperative (which is normal even for adults).

The sooner the better. We will explain how to help him brush his teeth, how often and what habits are necessary to have healthy teeth.

As we mentioned above, we care a lot about how the children's first visits with us develop:

  • We meet and chat.

  • Let's take a tour of the clinic.

  • Let's find out what dentist tools and toys are and what they do.

  • Let's count the teeth.

  • Learn how to brush properly.

  • Let's decide together when we will see each other again and what we will do then.

We want the experience to be calm, joyful, pain-free and fear-free. So we happily await the little ones, but we warn them that they will leave us more pampered than they brought them.

We are excited to receive them!

A girl patient in our clinic and Doctor Anca Ionescu

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