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What to do when you get swelling due to a tooth/tooth?

Updated: Mar 27

When you get swelling due to a tooth, it is important that you see a dentist or dentist as soon as possible, as the swelling could be caused by an infection or other dental problem. Before going to the dentist, you can consider the following measures to manage swelling:

  • Cold water compresses are applied to the swollen area. The low temperature reduces swelling and decreases pain. The compresses alternate with 10 minute breaks (10 min cold - 10 min rest). The compresses should not be very cold (not from the freezer).

  • Anti-inflammatories (for example, ibuprofen) are recommended - 2 tablets a day, with 12-hour intervals for 3 days. Antibiotics can also be taken, such as Amoxicillin, but it is preferable to take them only under the recommendation of a dentist. Follow the recommended doses and make sure you have no contraindications to taking these medications.

  • Avoid hard, hot foods: Until you can get the necessary dental care, avoid hard, hot foods that can worsen pain or swelling.< /p>

  • Go to the dentist immediately to discover the cause and eliminate it, otherwise the swelling can advance to life-threatening anatomical areas (throat, sinuses, temples and even the mediastinum).

What NOT to do when you are swollen:

  • Do not apply heat to the affected area.

  • Do not massage the swollen area.

  • Do not use home remedies. The ones I have heard so far include applying cabbage leaves or bread soaked in water or alcohol compresses. All of them can make swelling worse.

  • Do not take anti-inflammatories at intervals of less than 6 or 8 hours. They will not work and could cause heartburn.

  • Do not wait more than 2-3 days if you notice that the swelling does not decrease. Consult a doctor immediately!

Do not hesitate to solve your dental problem. Schedule your appointment now at Our SDS Dental Clinic in Vilafranca del Penedès and allow us to restore your oral health and comfort! We are here for you, from your first call until the moment your smile shines again.

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